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August Boeger Middle School
1944 Flint Avenue San Jose, CA 95148 
Phone: 408.223.3770 
Fax: 408.223.6959
Grades 6, 7 and 8
Principal Maurissa Koide
Student Advisor 

Ida Jew Academies 
Charter School
Ida Jew Academies
1944 Flint Avenue. San Jose CA 95148 
Phone 408.223.3750 
Fax 408.223.7346
Grades K-8

Principal Joseph Nuño
Student Advisor Mariel Nunez

Mt. Pleasant STEAM Academy
14275 Candler Avenue, San Jose, CA 95127
Phone: 408.258.6451
FAX: 408.272.9705
Grades K-5

Principal Dina Chung

Robert Sanders Elementary 
3411 Rocky Mountain Drive, San Jose, CA. 95127 
Phone: 408.258.7288 
Fax: 408.272.9646
Grades K-5
Principal Julie Howard

Valle Vista Elementary

2400 Flint Avenue, San Jose, CA95148 
Phone 408.238.3525 
Fax 408.223.7465  
Grades K-5
Principal Jeremiah (Mia) Cruz

For reporting a student absence: 
   Call your child's school using the phone numbers above.