Gifted and Talented Identification

Mt. Pleasant screens all 2nd and new students to the district in the spring for identification as Gifted and Talented. Students who score in the 91th percentile or above on the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAR) are eligible. Parents will be notified in June of their student’s identification as Gifted and Talented.

GATE Services

Gate students are clustered with identified GATE Cluster Teachers. Teachers provide differentiated instruction; it is during this time that GATE students can be asked to go deeper into the subject matter being studied. Additionally, once per trimester GATE students across grade levels are provided the opportunity to engage in Project Base Learning with a specialty teacher.  Units can go as long as two weeks.

Three times per year, all GATE students are invited to participate in district-wide GATE socials.  Students are engaged with hands on activities with the goal of interacting in a collaborative way with other GATE students in the district. 

Informational Websites

Websites where you may learn more about parenting a child who has been identified as Gifted and Talented:
California Association for the Gifted
National Association for the Gifted
Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted
Lyceum of Santa Clara Valley – a non-profit organization for gifted children in grades 2-8 and their families

National Research Center of the Gifted and talented

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