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Student Support Services
Laurie Clarque Breton, Director of Student Support Services 
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Phone: (408) 223-3740

Welcome to Mt. Pleasant School District Student Support Services. Our mission is to support the Mt. Pleasant School District goals by continuing to evaluate, align and improve the quality of programs and resources available to support students’ success. The programs offered support student learning by providing intervention and enrichment activities for individual students as well as help build positive learning environments for all students and the educational community. By working as a team with the community and educational staff we can assist all students in reaching academic and personal excellence.

Support services differ between schools based on school priorities, Federal and State grants awarded and student needs. Some programs are limited to a first come, first served basis others may be limited by eligibility requirements or legal mandates. Please contact the appropriate program or school to see which programs are available at each school site.

California Special Education Management Information System Service Descriptions

District Handbook/Forms/Policies

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STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES                     

Comprehensive Safe School Plan 2018-2019

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E&I Program
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  - School Linked Services Partnerships- Alum Rock Counseling Center, Bill Wilson Center, Children's Health Council                                                         

Tobacco Free Schools                                                                                 
Tobacco Free Schools Quit Smoking Help                                                    
Tobacco Cessation and Education Resources