News - Teacher Award

August Boeger's Ms. Shannon Engle, Math Teacher
Receives the Prestigious Teacher of the Year Award from the 
Silicone Valley Educational Foundation in 2014.

Dear friends, 

My name is Shannon Engle and I'm currently a math teacher at August Boeger Middle School. Making a difference in students' lives has been a lifelong passion for me—indeed, I have had the privilege of teaching students for almost a decade!

As a teacher in SVEF's Elevate [Math] and Elevate [Math] Plus programs for the past 4 years, I see first-hand how SVEF provides students with the support, and confidence, they need to succeed in math. In the school year after taking Elevate [Math], some students even develop more "peacock" moments where they show off their newfound knowledge to their other classmates. The students are very proud that they have improved in math. I also love that the Elevate program provides real world problems for students to collaborate on, which really brings math to life for each of them.

One thing you might not know is that SVEF also provides professional development for Elevate teachers. This enables all Elevate teachers to provide high quality instruction not only to the 30 Elevate students they teach in the summer, but also to the additional 100+ students they teach during the regular school year. I have learned so much from this professional development and am so thankful to have found SVEF.

This year, I was honored to be named SVEF's Teacher of the Year. I'm excited to continue my work with SVEF for many more years, and hope you'll join me in supporting them this holiday season. Every dollar of support makes a difference in the life of a student.

Kind Regards,

Shannon Engle
Math Teacher